Timeless Elegance and Modern Functionality: Unveiling Bestardoor’s Garage Doors with Long Panels

When it comes to selecting a garage door, the strength, energy efficiency, rust resistance, noise reduction,  aesthetics and functionality are crucial considerations. For homeowners seeking a touch of classic elegance with a modern twist, garage doors long panel from Bestar offer the perfect solution. While the visual appeal of Bestardoor’s long panel garage doors is undeniable, their structural integrity deserves equal attention. These doors combine the minimalist aesthetic of long panels with robust construction, offering several advantages.

A Blend of Style and Practicality

Traditional garage doors often feature raised or recessed panels, creating a visually busy appearance.  Bestar’s long panel garage doors deviate from this norm, showcasing the interior surface of each panel brought slightly forward, adding a hint of definition to a classic garage door design. Here’s why they stand out:

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal: Long panels create a sleek and sophisticated look that complements a variety of architectural styles, from contemporary to traditional. This elevates the overall curb appeal of your client’s home.
  • Sense of Spaciousness: The uninterrupted expanse of a long panel visually enlarges the appearance of the garage opening. This is particularly beneficial for smaller garages.
  • Modern Flair: Long panels embody a clean and modern aesthetic, perfectly suited for homeowners seeking a contemporary touch for their property.
  • Thermal Break: Thermal break rubber is attached in each section to eliminate thermal convection 

The Function of Bestar’s Long Panel Doors

  • Durable Construction: Bestardoor utilizes high-quality materials and construction methods to ensure long-lasting performance. Steel skins are protected by the tough layered coating system, which includes a hot-dipped galvanized layer and baked-on primer and top coat. Long panels can be crafted from steel or wood composite, offering strength, resilience, and resistance to the elements. 
  • Smooth Operation: Bestardoors are designed for smooth and quiet operation, regardless of panel size. They integrate seamlessly with modern garage door openers for effortless opening and closing.

Applications for Bestardoor’s Long Panel Garage Doors

There are two kinds of raised panel garage doors. One is a short panel garage door (garage door short panel), and the other is a long panel garage door (garage door long panel).

The versatility of Bestardoor’s long panel garage doors makes them suitable for various applications:

  • Residential Garages: For homeowners seeking a touch of elegance and a modern touch, long panel doors elevate the curb appeal of any residence.
  • Showrooms and Studios: The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic make long panel doors ideal for showcasing cars, artwork, or other valuables.
  • Modern Workspaces: Architects and design professionals can incorporate long panel garage doors into modern workspaces for a sleek and stylish entryway.


Garage doors with long panels from Bestardoor offer a unique blend of timeless elegance and modern functionality.  By combining exceptional aesthetics with robust construction and smooth operation, they cater to homeowners and businesses seeking a distinctive and practical solution.  When paired with Bestardoor’s commitment to quality and customization, these doors become the perfect choice for a variety of applications because Bestar long panel garage doors not only elevate curb appeal but also prioritize structural integrity.  With proper care and maintenance, these doors will provide lasting beauty and functionality for your clients’ homes or businesses.  

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